Snyder Cut Teaser Previews Full Trailer Debuting During Saturday’s DC Fandome

     August 20, 2020


Zack Snyder has released a Snyder Cut teaser for his cut of Justice League, previewing a full trailer that will be debuting this Saturday during the virtual fan event DC Fandome. Snyder gets his own panel for “The Snyder Cut” during the big event, during which the filmmaker will field questions and a few “surprise guests” as he discusses his cut of Justice League that’s currently being worked on for release in 2021 on HBO Max.

Indeed, for those wholly unaware, Snyder directed principal photography for Justice League but stepped away during post-production to deal with a personal tragedy. He had only completed a rough assembly cut by the time he left, at which point Warner Bros. enlisted Joss Whedon to help steer reshoots that would drive the film in a more “colorful” direction. The theatrically released cut of Justice League still has Snyder’s name on it but is in truth fairly author-less, and in 2020 Warner Bros. agreed to devote $20 million to $30 million to let Snyder complete his cut of the movie through visual effects, post-production, and some voiceover work from the actors.

That end result, The Snyder Cut, will be released directly on the streaming service HBO Max next year, and this teaser offers our first look of how Snyder is changing the film. It’s true that he has the original footage he shot to work with, but that was unfinished so what we see here is augmented footage – for some of it a new element has been added in via VFX and for other shots Snyder has just adjusted the color saturation more to his liking.

I’m mighty curious to see what the finished Snyder Cut looks like. We’ll find out much more during the Snyder Cut DC Fandome panel on Saturday, August 22nd at 5:30pm ET.

Check out the Snyder Cut teaser below, which was originally unveiled on Snyder’s Vero account.


Image via Warner Bros.

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