Netflix’s ‘Social Distance’ Trailer Thinks We Need to Be Reminded about Life in Quarantine

     September 30, 2020


Netflix debuted the trailer for the upcoming anthology series Social Distance, following several different characters as they deal with life in isolation during the pandemic and try to stay in touch with their friends and loved ones without going completely stir crazy. And while it doesn’t look quite as insufferable as HBO’s extremely misguided Coastal Elites, I have to say that I remain firmly and resolutely uninterested in any movie or TV show about living through the COVID-19 pandemic, seeing as how I am currently still living in the COVID-19 pandemic.

From Orange is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan, each installment in the eight-episode series tells a self-contained story about a group of characters struggling to stay connected virtually and maintain a sense of normalcy during these extremely uncertain times. The cast Netflix has assembled is impressive, including Dylan Baker, Mike Colter, Oscar Nuñez, Danielle Brooks, and several others. Colter’s episode appears to be the standout, as he plays a lonely alcoholic struggling to maintain his sobriety and fight depression while stranded alone in his apartment with only a houseplant for company. But despite the cast and the sweeping, triumphant score, it is nearly impossible for me to care about anything I’m seeing in this trailer. I don’t need to watch a television show to remind me how difficult it is to be stuck indoors for months with a rising national death count and no end in sight, forced to replace human contact with virtual chat rooms and desperately trying to maintain my mental and physical health. That’s the reality I carry with me every waking moment of every day. When I plop down on the couch in front of Netflix, I want to see spaceships and the ocean and Indiana Jones, not another freaking Zoom screen.

I may well be judging Social Distance too harshly, and I understand that Netflix (and everyone else in Hollywood) is just trying to figure out ways to keep making stuff and keep everyone employed. But whoo boy I do not need this show right now. Check out the trailer below and judge for yourself. Social Distance premieres on the streaming service October 15.

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