Why We Hope ‘Solar Opposites’ Has an Endgame | Saturday Mourning Cartoons

     July 4, 2020


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Hulu’s original animated series Solar Opposites has quickly become a hit for the streaming platform. From the creators behind Rick and Morty, this animated sitcom focuses on a family of aliens who crashland on Earth with the intention of terraforming it. But when they start to understand what makes humans special and unique, they might just learn to love the backward bipedal terrestrials.

Probably not though. What’ll probably happen is either the shrunken humans trapped in the Wall will revolt and find a way to take vengeance against their alien captor, or the Pupa will achieve its ultimate purpose and destroy the Earth as we know it. Maybe both will happen. Maybe neither. All we know is, we hope that Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan have an endgame in mind so that Solar Opposites doesn’t try to milk its genuinely funny premise until the inevitable heat death of the universe. Listen in and see if you agree!


Image via Hulu

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