Taylor Sheridan Says ‘Soldado’ Will Make ‘Sicario’ “Look Like a Comedy”

     August 4, 2017


While it seems like Hollywood has no shortage of franchises, Sicario becoming a series was somewhat unexpected. It was a prestige dramatic thriller that had a firm conclusion, although there were certainly places a sequel could go. Not long after the film came out, we got word that the studio was moving forward on a sequel entitled Soldado with Taylor Sheridan returning to write the screenplay.

I recently spoke with Sheridan for his directorial debut Wind River and asked how the sequel developed. He told me:

When I told them I would write it, they asked for the traditional studio call and the outline and all that, and I said, “No, no, no, guys. The first one was original. I’m just going to go away and I’m going to come back with it and there you go.” And they trusted me to do that, and then read it and were like, “Ah, shit. We’re in a lot of trouble.” It makes the first one look like a comedy. Yeah. I’m not the guy to ask to write a sequel.


Image via Lionsgate

In case you haven’t seen Sicario, it is not a lighthearted movie by any stretch of the imagination. It’s dark, gritty, horrific, and now Sheridan says he is doubling down on all of that.

When Adam Chitwood spoke to Sheridan back during Sundance (where Wind River first premiered), he told us:

“I would say if Sicario is a film about the militarization of police and that blending over, this is removing the policing aspect from it.”

It sounds like Soldado going to a much wilder, far more dangerous place, and I’m all for that. While I’m a little bummed that Emily Blunt isn’t returning for the film, it sounds like Sheridan has a good read on the story he wants to tell and the kind of discussions it will create. Just don’t expect a light time at the movies.

Look for my full interview with Sheridan soon. Wind River opens in limited release tomorrow.


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