Lost ‘Son of Frankenstein’ Trailer Emerges After More Than 75 Years

     October 25, 2016


Here’s a Halloween treat for fans of Universal Pictures’ classic monster movies: A digital restoration of an original uncut trailer for director Rowland V. Lee‘s 1939 horror film Son of Frankenstein has emerged and is available for your viewing pleasure! Not only is this an amazing reminder of the incredible technology available at our daily disposal, it’s a great find for cinephiles everywhere. The original nitrate print containing this trailer, which is said to contain alternate takes and deleted scenes from the film, had been considered lost for well over 75 years. The ability to watch it now, especially in as good a condition as the restoration is, is a modern marvel.

After the 1931 successes of both Frankenstein and Dracula, the studio stumbled a bit with their horror film output over the next few years. A theatrical re-release of these original films paired in a double feature in 1938 brought about a resurgence in the horror-centric box office. Son of Frankenstein was the last to feature Boris Karloff as The Monster, and also included Bela Lugosi as the once-hanged (it didn’t take) Ygor, alongside Basil Rathbone as the title character, Baron Wolf von Frankenstein … which is just the best name ever.

Watch the restored and rediscovered trailer for Son of Frankenstein below (via IndieWire):

Silly me, but I left this film out of my Top 20 horror films of the early 20th century, which is unfortunate. I’m just happy we get a chance to glimpse this fantastic bit of marketing that featured some of the era’s top talent. What a time to be alive!

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