Sonnenfeld and Grabinski Make a Run at TOM SWIFT

     May 31, 2009

tom_swift_book_cover_01.jpgBarry Sonnenfeld and BenDavid Grabinski are going to attempt where many others, including Gene Kelly, have failed: making a “Tom Swift” movie.  Based on the long-running series which began back in 1910, the plots tend to follow the sci-fi adventures of a young inventor named Tom Swift.  The books tend to portray technology as a good thing, although I remember reading a few of the books as a kid and I vaguely remember his friend becoming a cyborg and they had to fight.  When will we learn that cyborgs are friends, not enemies?  According to Variety, the update will focus on Swift and his father as a duo who are among the greatest inventors of all-time.  I hope they build a time machine and go back to 1931 and teabag Thomas Edison on his death bed.  Otherwise, what is the benefit of building a time machine?

Sonnenfeld and Grabinski are already at work on Sonnenfeld’s next project, “A How-To Guide for Saving the World” which is about a manual for saving the world that falls into the hands of an average schlub who’s coupled with a woman who hates him and is forced to save the world from an alien invasion.  As for “Tom Swift”, according to Grabinski’s Facebook status, we should think “Transformers”.  That’s not a bad thought.

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