‘Sons of Anarchy’ Spin-Off Being Developed by Kurt Sutter, Featuring Mayans

     August 26, 2015


There haven’t been may shows that have grabbed a cult with the force of FX’s Sons of Anarchy, which detailed the Shakesperean power struggle that develops within the titular motorcycle club, specifically between club leader Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman) and heir apparent Jax (Charlie Hunnam). So it’s not a huge surprise that word came down this morning that writer-creator Kurt Sutter, who recently penned Southpaw and will soon premiere The Bastard Executioner, his latest collaboration with FX, is developing a spin-off of his hugely popular series. But those expecting an origins story for either leads, or Gemma (Katey Sagal, Sutter’s off-screen spouse) or Munson (Mark Boone Junior), will be a bit disappointed, as the news reveals that the new show would focus largely on SAMCRO’s occasional allies the Mayans, led by Marcus Alvarez (Emilio Rivera).


Image via FX

Sutter, who started his working relationship with FX on the excellent police drama The Shield, hasn’t given much word about what the show would focus on, whether it be the origins of the Mayans or their existence after their relationship with SAMCRO, but its likely that anything that Sutter comes to the table with will be a hot property. The announcement also happens to come at an ideal time for spin-offs, as Fear the Walking Dead and Better Call Saul have both absolutely decimated cable TV premieres records and have secured at least two seasons. The subject matter would also be a refreshing change of pace, as there haven’t been many major network dramas that have focused specifically on the lives of Hispanic criminals while attempting to dig into the complex emotional and cultural landscapes that they come from. In fact, they usually just play straight-up villains. Sutter is a deft hand though, and while I continue to be suspicious of all the overt masculine brooding and machismo in his work, which ruined Southpaw, he might just have the right temperament and sense of dramatic build to pull this off.


Image via FX