Sony Attempts World Domination with Adaptation of the Board Game RISK

     November 4, 2009


I haven’t played “Risk” in quite some time so all I really know about it is the “Seinfeld” episode where Kramer and Newman are playing it on the subway and Kramer says the Ukraine is weak and then a Ukrainian man smashes their game.  I was still puzzled how you could bring a game with such tiny pieces with you.  I guess that’s TV magic.  Sony is now attempting some movie magic and will adapt Hasbro’s “Risk”.  Hit the jump and roll the dice so your troops can attack or something.

Like Peter Berg’s adaptation of “Battleship” for Universal, and adaptation of “Risk” isn’t the craziest idea in Hollywood.  They’re just war movies with brand names on them.  It’s not the most creative leap but I don’t think anything wrong with a naval battle movie or a strategic war game.  There’s potential in each and I’d certainly be more interested to see a “Risk” movie than one based on “Ouija”, another Hasbro board game (and it is a game, not some mystical spirit link) getting the movie treatment.




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