Sony Bids on the TERMINATOR Franchise, Wants to Terminate Lionsgate

     February 4, 2010


As most of you know, the Halcyon Group put the Terminator franchise up for sale in September of last year.  Up for grabs are all future rights to Terminator TV series, DVDs, merchandise, and, of course, feature films.  This is one of the reasons a sequel to McG’s Terminator Salvation hasn’t happened yet.

With bidding for the rights to the Terminator franchise set to close today, I was wondering who was going to step forward at the last minute and submit an offer.  While Lionsgate submitted a bid last month (they offered  $15 million and a 5% cut of future gross receipts), Sony decided to get in the ring today as they also submitted an offer.

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Terminator 2 movie image Arnold Schwarzenegger (2).jpgWhile it’s unclear how much Sony bid for the franchise, we’ll all know who soon as Variety reports “there is a meeting Monday at the offices of FTI Consulting in Los Angeles, followed by a bankruptcy court hearing two days later.”

While Terminator Salvation didn’t make the money domestically that people expected, internationally it was another story.  That’s because $246 million of the $372 million came from outside the United States.  And while WB distributed the movie here in America, Sony handled the film abroad.  What that means is, they probably did very well with the movie and would love to own the rights.

Also, while Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles never became a huge hit on Fox, it definitely had an audience.  If Sony landed the rights to the franchise, perhaps they’re going to try again on the small screen.

The fact is, the franchise is still valuable, so I’m very confident we haven’t seen the last Terminator movie.  More as we get it.


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