Sony Pictures Removes Latest THE INTERVIEW Promo along with All Clips; Cancels Worldwide Release

     December 19, 2014


Last night, Sony Pictures released a new The Interview spot proclaiming “In Franco and Rogen We Trust”.  Sony had previously yanked the movie from theaters following the major theater chains’ refusal to show the film after the cyber-terrorists who hacked Sony releasing a new statement threatening attacks on theaters that screened the picture.  The new promo provided hope that perhaps the studio was going to release the film on VOD, but it looks like their trust in Franco and Rogen has dissipated.

The studio has now taken down the promo from their YouTube page as well as any clips from the film, perhaps in the hopes that we’ll forget it ever existed because if there’s any way a studio can further appease a terrorist organization, they’re more than willing to do so (just ask Paramount, who refused permission to screen Team America: World Police for theaters that wanted something to replace The Interview).  Hit the jump for more on these unprecedented developments in this bizarre and depressing situation.

the-interview-posterAccording to BuzzFeed, Sony has decided to cancel the film’s release worldwide, which isn’t too surprising.  I doubted the terrorists would say, “We’re willing to meet you halfway, so go ahead and release the movie outside of America.”

A studio spokesperson said there were “no further release plans” for the film, but a source tells BuzzFeed:

“that there are ‘no discussions at this time’ about what to do with the movie, but that does not preclude the possibility that there could be discussions at a later date. When that discussion could happen likely depends on factors outside of the studio’s control, including how the Obama administration chooses to respond to North Korea’s alleged involvement in the hack.”

I find the first part of that statement to utter bullshit.  I seriously doubt people around Sony are milling around and completely ignoring what to do with this film.  People aren’t walking around Sony afraid to say “The ‘I’ word.”  They may not know how or be able to move forward on the situation, but that doesn’t mean they’re not thinking about a movie that cost millions of dollars to make and could make a lot of money if it’s released in theaters or on VOD.

Although at this point, if it does see the light of day, I’m sure many viewers will respond “All that fuss over this?” because no film can match the gravity and breadth of what has happened.  The consequences of not releasing The Interview extend far beyond the film itself.  The fallout from the cyberterrorist attacks have raised questions about censorship, cyber warfare, and how the balance of power works in the digital age.  The seriousness of the situation cannot be matched by a movie where characters talk about Nicki Minaj’s vagina falling out.

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