Elizabeth Olsen and ‘Sorry For Your Loss’ Cast on What to Expect in Season 2

     October 7, 2019

Facebook Watch premiered the second season of Sorry for Your Loss this week by releasing the first three episodes online. The critically acclaimed show stars Elizabeth Olsen as Leigh Shaw, a young widow navigating the sudden loss of her husband who discovers that his death and his life may not have been all that it seemed. The show’s first season openly explored issues like mental health, suicide, adoption, interracial marriage, the battle between individuality and family, and the little, unique ways we move on from trauma. It was an excellent season and you can read our review of it here. The second season will be focusing more deeply on the backstories and lives of the characters in Leigh’s world while also continuing to follow her journey out of this loss.


Image via Facebook Watch

The show from creator and writer Kit Steinkellner (Z: The Beginning of Everything) also stars Kelly Marie Tran as Leigh’s sister Jules, Janet McTeer as Amy, their mom. Mamoudou Athie plays Matt, Leigh’s deceased husband who we see in flashbacks, and Jovan Adepo is Matt’s brother Danny, who may or may not be falling in love with Leigh while he navigates his own grief. The show is unapologetic and brutally authentic about the messy, clumsy, beautiful and uplifting moments that can happen on the way out of trauma. It also doesn’t shy away from showing the lasting and damaging effects that this journey can have on the people in your life around you both positively and negatively.

I sat down with the Steinkellner, Olsen and the rest of the cast ahead of the season 2 premiere to talk with them about how they prepare to play these characters, what real life inspirations go into their portrayals, how they break the tension on the set, and what can fans look forward to seeing in season 2. Also, Olsen reveals what she’s most excited to show viewers in Marvel’s upcoming WandaVision. You can see all the questions I asked them below and click on the video above to watch their answers and our interview.

The cast and showrunner of Sorry For Your Loss:

  • What inspired Kit Steinkellner to create the show and how has her experience on the show driven her to expand the scope of it?
  • What do they do to unwind after an especially tense or emotional scene?


    Image via Facebook Watch

  • How has the character of Leigh changed Elizabeth Olsen’s perspective on loss and trauma?
  • What steps did Kelly Marie Tran take in her prep to play Jules in order to honor the journey of a recovering addict?
  • What Jovan Adepo and Mamoudou Athie feel about the way their relationship is portrayed as brothers and as black men on the show?
  • What is the one thing Elizabeth Olsen is most excited for people to see in WandaVision?

The first episodes of Season 2 of Sorry For Your Loss are playing now on Facebook Watch.