SOUTH PARK Gets Sucked Into the World of Facebook and TRON

     April 8, 2010


While last night’s South Park couldn’t top last week’s episode (and let’s be honest-not much can), they still got in some good commentary on the addicting power of Facebook.  In the episode, Stan is forced into using Facebook because everyone else using it.  These are the best kind of Stan episodes: where he’s the only sane voice and everyone else is acting like a dumbass (my favorite instance of this is the episode, “The Biggest Douche in the Universe“).

Hit the jump for more details on the episode plus a couple of clips.

When Stan finally gets fed up with using Facebook, he tries to delete his Facebook account only to be literally sucked into the world Tron-style.  From there, it reminded me of the Chappelle’s Show* sketch where Dave Chappelle made the point that if the Internet was a real place, it would be disgusting.  In last night’s South Park, we see that if people interacted in person like they do on Facebook, everyone would come off like a total tool.

Check out a couple clips below and click here to see the full episode.  I don’t give out my Facebook account but you can click here to follow me on Twitter (which isn’t as obnoxious simply because you can only provide one type of interaction and there are no goddamn farms).

*Side note: I miss that show like crazy.  Just think how good it would be right now with Obama as president.

[Fun fact: South Park has referenced Tron in the past by depicting Moses as the Master Control Program]