October 21, 2010


Inception may have come out in July, but South Park only airs in the spring and fall so you’ll forgive creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone for just now getting in their shots at Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi heist thriller.  I thought Inception was fantastic, but I’m open to clever mocking of it.  Last night’s episode of South Park, “Insheeption”, had its moments of brilliance (the psychiatrist “singing” the Inception trailer music; Woodsy the Owl) and jokes that didn’t work at all (the Sheep Herder).  South Park is a hit-and-miss show and I think while last night’s episode was good, they could have come up with something better than making fun of all the dream layers.  However, there’s enough funny stuff in the episode to make it worth your time.

Click here to check out the new South Park episode, “Insheeption”.  South Park airs Wednesday nights at 10/9c on Comedy Central.


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