SOUTH PARK to Rip Apart Japanese Dolphin Killers in This Week’s Episode

     October 26, 2009


I haven’t seen “The Cove” and so I’m forced to countdown to December 8th when the film comes out on DVD so I can see the documentary everyone is raving about.  “The Cove” follows a group of activists infiltrating a Cove near Taijii, Japan to expose the brutal murder of dolphins by relentless fishermen.  Now “South Park” is taking its shot with this Wednesday’s episode entitled “Whale Whores”.  Hit the jump to learn how Trey Parker and Matt Stone plan to beat the shit out of this disgusting industry.

SouthParkStudios released a very brief clip from “Whale Whores”.  It has Randy being hilarious so you must watch it.

And here’s the synopsis for the episode:

Stan and his family are spending his birthday at the Denver Aquarium where they will get to swim with the dolphins. Things turn bloody when the Japanese attack, kill all the dolphins and ruin Stan’s big day. There seems to be no end to the senseless killing. Stan takes on the cause to save the dolphins from the Japanese.

It’s good to remember that Parker and Stone will take their shots at anyone but that doesn’t mean their nihilists or lack the courage of their convictions.  There’s simply no good reason to kill dolphins.  It isn’t even a matter of them being adorable.  It’s the brutal killing of a defenseless species en masse and in a clandestine manner order to sell mercury-tainted dolphin meat to the public.

Taking aim at this kind of issues is where “South Park” excels.  I can’t wait to see what they’ll do this Wednesday, especially when the three episodes so far this season have been really funny and a tremendous leap in quality from the season’s first seven episodes.