Exclusive: Trey Parker and Matt Stone Talk Trump and ‘It’ in ‘South Park’ Blu-ray Commentary Clip

     June 5, 2018


We at Collider are happy to share an exclusive clip from an audio commentary track on the Blu-ray release of South Park Season 21. This clip comes from the season finale and features Trey Parker and Matt Stone discussing how they decided to deal with the character of Heidi, and why their genuine fear of President Donald Trump led to them bringing Garrison back to the town.

Indeed, the Trump of it all had been a big question for South Park and how the show would deal with the new president going into Season 21, as they previously killed the character off. They opted to have Garrison assume the role, and admit in this commentary clip that at the time they were making the finale, they wanted to bring their fear of Trump into the show:

“Just the idea of, by now things had happened and [we were previously] feeling embarrassed when the President had tweeted, feeling nervous, and now we were just feeling full-on scared that he’s president. Now we’re just scared for our lives, so we wanted this idea of like—not only had we had it that everyone was starting to get more and more terrified of the president, but the president himself was feeling more and more stuck and put in a hole, so we figured maybe it’s time to bring Garrison back and let him come back to town. And we were like well if he came back to town, he would just scare the shit out of everybody.”

On this commentary track, Parker and Stone also discuss the influence of It and Stranger Things on this particular episode, with Parker praising the work of It director Andy Muschietti.

Check out the clip below. South Park Season 21 is available on DVD and Blu-ray starting today.