Will There Be a ‘Space Force’ Season 2? Showrunner Greg Daniels Weighs In

     June 5, 2020

If you thought the A-list ensemble of Space Force had just assembled for a one-and-done, you thought wrong. The high-profile Netflix comedy series was created by Steve Carell and The Office showrunner Greg Daniels, which was pedigree enough before you add in actors like John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, Lisa Kudrow, and Jane Lynch co-starring opposite Carell. This is top tier level talent in a half-hour comedy series that follows the General tasked with leading the brand new titular branch of the military—and finding its purpose.

But will there be a Space Force Season 2? After all, limited series are all the rage right now given that they allow incredibly busy actors to commit to a single season of a show before moving on to something else. Fortunately for us, Daniels and Carell have many more stories in mind for Space Force, and during a recent interview with Collider, Daniels revealed that preliminary work on Space Force Season 2 has already begun despite the fact that Netflix hasn’t officially renewed the series just yet:

“We’re certainly hoping for a few more seasons, and we have started to assemble the senior writers to discuss what would happen next year. We don’t have the pickup yet, but yeah. There’s a lot to follow up on based on where we ended.”


Image via Netflix

You can say that again. Season 1 certainly ends in a cliffhanger that could have major ramifications for Carell’s character and his family as well as for Space Force itself. Daniels is no stranger to crafting compelling serialized comedies, as his work on The Office and Parks and Recreation kept the characters interesting and—most importantly—evolving over the course of the series. Stagnation isn’t exactly something that Daniels is interested in, and I’m curious to see what he and the writers will put together for Space Force Season 2.

Again, it’s worth noting that Netflix hasn’t officially ordered a second season of the series, but one imagines the streaming service will want to keep Carell and Daniels in the Netflix family, so I would be shocked if Space Force was cancelled.

If Season 2 does happen, it won’t be the only second season Daniels will be working on. In May of this year, he also launched a new series on Amazon called Upload. That’s a straight-up sci-fi comedy series starring Robbie Amell, and Amazon subsequently ordered a second season of that show after it also ended on a cliffhanger at the end of Season 1. Greg Daniels is about to be a very busy guy.

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Space Force is currently streaming on Netflix.