‘Space Jam 2’: Michael Jordan Thinks Blake Griffin Should Lead the Sequel

     August 3, 2016


Space Jam 2 is the semi-joke sequel that just might actually happen, and now the star of the original film is weighing in on who he thinks should pick up the mantle. Released in 1996, Space Jam was a hybrid between a Michael Jordan biopic and a new Looney Tunes movie, as it revolved around a group of animated aliens from another planet who challenge Bugs Bunny and Co. to a basketball game, leading the latter to kidnap Jordan to join their team. The film is objectively not great, but if you were the right age when Space Jam was released, it hit that sweet spot of humor and sports, not to mention that glorious soundtrack.

Talk about Space Jam 2 first surfaced a few years ago, and just this past May the film became a reality with Lebron James attached to star and Star Trek Beyond director Justin Lin in the director’s chair. And while it’s unclear when filming might begin (a screenplay is currently being written), Jordan has now weighed in with his thoughts on the sequel, namely who he thinks should take on the lead role: Clippers star (and former Sooner) Blake Griffin.

Michael Jordan picks who he would choose to star in Space Jam 2. (Submitted by @lashmiller)

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The video comes via Yahoo! Sports as Jordan was answering some questions, and it’s hard to argue with that pick. James has certainly showed he can act with his hilarious turn in Trainwreck, but Griffin has done the same with a cameo on Broad City and other spots here and there. He’s a genuinely funny guy, but it’s not the self-aware humor of James. It’s a bit more dry, which could bring an added edge to Space Jam 2. Moreover, we already know he’s a huge fan of the original movie.

Alas, given that Space Jam 2 was kind of spearheaded by James it seems unlikely Griffin would step in and replace the guy, but at least we know where Jordan stands.


Image via Warner Bros.


Image via Warner Bros.


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