‘Spawn’ Creator Todd McFarlane on His R-Rated Blumhouse Reboot, the Budget, and More

     July 22, 2017

Comic-Con 2017 is underway, and among the many pieces of breaking news that have come our way, one of the more intriguing is the fact that Spawn comics creator Todd McFarlane finally has movement on his Spawn reboot. McFarlane revealed yesterday that he’s signed a deal with Blumhouse Productions—the studio behind Get Out and Split—to develop with an eye to direct a new Spawn reboot. After the announcement, McFarlane sat down with Collider’s own Steve Weintraub to discuss his plans for the new movie, the Blumhouse partnership, his frustrations with the 90s adaptation, and more.

In the video above you can watch our full conversation with McFarlane. He promises that this new adaptation will be dark, R-rated, and supernatural, and reveals that the film will carry a Blumhouse budget of $10 million to $12 million, with plenty of practical effects used to bring the story to the screen. McFarlane also stresses that Spawn is meant to be the only supernatural thing about this movie:

“It’s not gonna be a typical superhero comic book [movie]. It’s gonna be a dark, moody, real world, and there’s only one thing in this entire movie that’s not normal, and it’s this thing that moves, this shadow that moves, this thing that you and I know intellectually as Spawn.”

The comics creator goes on to take issue with the Marvel Studios adaptation Iron Man, noting that he wants Spawn to be much more in the vein of Jaws, The Exorcist, and The Grudge in that the entire world is grounded and real, and only one single element is supernatural. McFarlane also talks a bit about casting and reveals that Twitch will be one of the biggest characters in the movie.

Check out what else McFarlane has to say in the full interview above, and click here to catch up on all of our SDCC 2017 coverage thus far.

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