Watch: New ‘Spectre’ Footage in Sam Smith’s “Writing’s on the Wall” Music Video

     October 5, 2015


If you’ve been out in the world as of late, you’ve almost certainly heard “Writing’s on the Wall,” Sam Smith‘s pretty impressive theme song for Spectre, the latest James Bond jaunt. The song is unique in the Bond theme song canon, as more than a few editorials have pointed out, in it’s lack of lyrical mirroring of the movie’s title, and it’s general lack of bombast. It’s a more subdued and classy song than you might expect from a Bond theme song, but the music video for the song belongs in the grand tradition of such videos. Like a handful of other Bond theme song videos, it teases footage from Spectre, with Smith walking around familiar environs easily identifiable from the trailers we’ve seen for the film thus far, including the shot of the coffins with the British flag wrapped around them.

Watch the music video for “Writing’s on the Wall” below:

Beyond that, there’s footage of Léa Seydoux and Monica Bellucci, the latter of which is seen being undressed by everyone’s favorite British spy, which almost always means that she will meet a not-so-great end. In contrast to Bellucci, Seydoux is seen seemingly denying Bond’s advances, at least at first. There are also snippets of set-pieces, such as the desert-set venue that Daniel Craig‘s Bond walks up behind Seydoux’s character in, as well as that haunting shot of the cave entrance outside of a roiling ocean. As far as Bond music videos go, it’s one of the more estimable and enjoyable that’s been released for such a song, and the shots used certainly rouse interest for the general look of the latest Bond film. Like Skyfall, there’s a gloominess to all of the environs but there’s also a stirring sense of texture that encases what will no-doubt be more action-packed spy-work.

Spectre will be released in theaters nationwide on November 6th.



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