Watch the ‘Spectre’ Opening Titles with Radiohead’s Unused Theme Song

     April 10, 2016


Back in December, Radiohead released an unused song they made for the new James Bond film, Spectre. For one reason or another, the producers chose to go with Sam Smith’s “The Writing on the Wall” instead, and while I’m sure they’ll point to their Oscar win as proof that they made the right call, that’s a little like saying “Hey, no one objected to our tapioca pudding; it is therefore the greatest flavor of pudding.”

But imagine an alternate universe where Radiohead’s theme song, “Spectre”, is actually used in the opening credits for Spectre. Well, you can let your imagination rest because YouTube user “avindustries13” has put them together, and it shows that there’s really no saving the overwrought visuals. It was just a bad call to blend the standard eroticism of the Bond opening credits with a far too real looking CGI squid. I know that the squid is Spectre’s insignia, but just because the imagery is there, that doesn’t mean you have to use it, and the whole thing comes off as creepy whether you use Sam Smith’s song or Radiohead’s.

You can check out both versions below.



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