Spencer Boldman on ‘Cruise’, His Love of Disneyland and Tom Brady, and Tokyo Cat Cafés

     September 28, 2018

With writer-director Robert Siegel’s (Big Fan) newest movie Cruise now playing in limited release, I recently got to sit down with Spencer Boldman for an extended video interview. If you haven’t yet heard of Cruise, it takes place in the summer of ’87 and it’s about an Italian kid from Queens (Boldman) that ends up falling for a Jewish girl from Long Island (Emily Ratajkowski).

cruise-movie-posterWhile you’ve seen the story of the cool kid from the wrong side of the tracks falling for the just-out-of-reach girl countless times, that’s not the main reason to see Cruise. The reason is that Siegel nails what it was like to be a young adult in ’87, before the internet, when people with limited means stole car stereos to make money, when pagers was how you talked, and back when cruising the Boulevard was how you got the girl. Of course it helps that both Boldman and Ratajkowski have great chemistry, and you feel like you’re walking around with them as they fall in love. Cruise also stars Lucas Salvagno, Noah Robbins, Gino Cafarelli, Kathrine Narducci and Sebastian Maniscalco.

During my wide-ranging interview with Spencer Boldman, he shared a great story about how he landed the role, his love of Disneyland and why he needs to book a big Walt Disney movie, not wanting his character in Cruise to be one-dimensional, what it’s really like filming a sex scene in a movie, memorable moments from filming, why he was so excited to work with Robert Siegel, the 80s outfits, why he loves Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, and so much more.

In addition, towards the end of the interview, he played “Get to Know Your Cruise Cast Member”, which includes questions like what TV show he’d like to guest spot on, what film scared him as a kid, what is the background photo on his phone, what TV show has he watched all the way through more than once, has he watched a movie more than 20 times, and a lot more.

cruise-movie-spencer-boldman-emily-ratajkowski (1)

Image via Vertical Entertainment

Check out what he had to say in the player above and below is exactly what we talked about.

Spencer Boldman:

  • Is it weird to see himself on screen behind where he is sitting?
  • Does being part of a successful Disney show like Lab Rats get you a Disneyland passport? Talks about how he got treated extremely well.
  • Did he go to Club 33?
  • Instagram talk and how he went to a cat and owl café in Tokyo.
  • How Tokyo is such a friendly and gracious city.
  • How did he get involved in Cruise?
  • Why he was so excited to work with Robert Siegel.
  • How does he describe the film?
  • How challenging is to play someone falling in love with Emily Ratajkowski?
  • How he wanted his character to be layered and not just one-dimensional.
  • Does he think his character ends up with Emily’s character after the movie ends?
  • How people were having sex in the back of cars in the 80s.
  • cruise-movie-spencer-boldman

    Image via Vertical Entertainment

    What is it like filming a sex scene in a car?

  • How making a movie isn’t as glamorous as what people might think.
  • He talks about the 80s outfits.
  • Memorable moments from filming.
  • How they filmed in the winter and what they had to do to not have their breath n screen.
  • He plays “Ice Breakers” which includes questions like what TV show he would love to guest spot on, his favorite sci-fi or fantasy film, what film scared him as a kid, what he collects, what’s the background photo on his phone, what movie has he watched more than 10 times, his favorite pair of sneakers or shoes, what made him want to be a part of the film industry, and a lot more.

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