Spend Your July 4th Weekend Shooting Aliens and Humans for DISTRICT 9 – And New Trailer Next Week

     July 2, 2009


How should you celebrate this Independence Day?  Sure, you could go the conventional route of shooting off fireworks and rounding up illegal immigrants, but why not stay home, huddled in front of the warmth of your computer screen, and go a few rounds in playing the online game for “District 9”.  The film revolves around aliens who have crash-landed on Earth and are now being held captive in a slum known as District 9.  In the game, you can play as humans or filthy, filthy aliens.  Playing as a human, your job is to capture or kill filthy, filthy aliens (you get more points for capturing but it’s much harder and you die much faster) and as a filthy, filthy alien, your job is to collect cannisters while avoiding clean, clean humans.

Click here to defend/escape District 9 and check back next week for the film’s brand new trailer.  “District 9” hits theatres on August 14th.


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