Has ‘Spider-Man 3’ Started Filming in Queens? (And Is THIS Its Working Title?)

     October 14, 2020


There aren’t many films the world at large is more excited for than Spider-Man 3 (that’s the upcoming 2021 Spider-Man 3, not the 2007 Sam RaimiTobey Maguire emo dancing Spider-Man 3; though I would be excited if that got a big-screen rerelease). It’s another chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe saga, it’s the third installment of a particularly adored sub-trilogy, it gives Tom Holland more possibilities to go viral with accidental spoilers. Plus, with every new morsel of information we get — such as Benedict Cumberbatch showing up as Doctor Strange to mentor Peter Parker — we go gaga. All of this is why we’re particularly excited to report that Spider-Man 3 just might have started filming  in Queens, New York — and it might have quite the bonkers working title to boot.


Image via Sony Pictures Releasing

According to our sources, a filming listing posted in NYC, and some particularly snoopy Twitter posts (which we’ll leave for your Spidey senses to find yourself), Spider-Man 3 has set up base camps and is getting ready to started filming something in Queens. No one seems to have spotted, or snapped pics of, Holland, Cumberbatch, Zendaya, a big blue Jamie Foxx, or any other cast members that might indicate principal photography have been seen. This likely means — and Holland’s packed shooting schedule seeing him move from the Uncharted video game adaptation right to Spider-Man 3 adds to this theory — the Queens production team is collecting plate photography, or blank pieces of footage that can be manipulated and compiled by visual effects teams later (Exhibit U: Holland’s Instagram showing him filming Uncharted just six days ago).

But what we do know is that this potential/probable Spider-Man 3 New York shoot has quite the silly working title/code name to throw detectives off the trail: “Serenity Now.” Yep, every piece of official production paperwork features a noted catchphrase from Seinfeld, a noted New York sitcom sensation from the 1990s. However, this ain’t just a non sequitur joke with no precedent: Spider-Man: Homecoming, the first in the MCU’s solo Spidey movies, was produced under the code name “Summer of George,” referring, of course, to George Costanza and an episode with the same title. Spider-Man: Far from Home‘s working title? “Fall of George,” naturally. So what could bucking the “of George” trend in favor of “Serenity Now” mean for the film itself? Could Peter Parker finally find peace in his new role? Or, like it’s often used in Seinfeld, is it an ironic screaming of desire unfulfilled? Hmm…

We’ll keep you updated once we know more about filming on Spider-Man 3. Until then, check out our overall explanation of the MCU timeline. The next Spider-Man movie is scheduled for release December 17, 2021.

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