A Spider-Man Robot Will Swing Above ‘Avengers Campus’ and Assumedly Nothing Could Go Wrong

     February 6, 2020

Last week, the official Disney Parks blog confirmed a longstanding rumor surrounding the upcoming Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure: A life-sized, animatronic Spider-Man will, in fact, be swinging above the heads of attendees as they stroll through the Marvel-themed park. Disney also released the first video footage of the gravity-defying Spider-bot, which I urge you to watch immediately because it’s genuinely the most bananas thing I’ve ever seen and further proof that science has possibly gone too far.

Imagineers much smarter than I seem pretty confident in this thing, so I’m not exactly worried about it, but I also kind of can’t stop picturing a 150-pound Spider-Man automaton plummeting to the Earth in front of a group of school children and immediately bursting into flame. Theme park outings are stressful enough without having to think about a metallic Peter Parker killing your family members from above. Either way, here’s the flying footage, which gives a pretty solid idea of what the animatronic might look like in the last seconds of your life:

For a better idea of what the heck is exactly happening here, turn your attention to this clip from the Disney+ docu-series The Imagineering Story, which sees an early test version of the Spider-Man animatronic. The clip is 1000x funnier if you know that no context was given in The Imagineering Story as to what this thing was, so it just looked like Disney was testing a new employee punishment system or something.

Avengers Campus is currently eyeing a summer 2020 opening date. For even more info on what to expect, Collider’s own Christina Radish got all the details and concept art at last year’s D23. Head here for the scoop on merch, an actual Spider-Man ride, an attraction called the “Pym Test Kitchen”, and a whole lot more.

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