Extended Cut of ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Swings into Theaters Today

     August 29, 2019


Spider-Man: Far From Home continues its record-setting run at the box office this weekend, but as of today, a brand-new cut of the Sony/Marvel flick will also be available on the big screen. Touting a whole extra four minutes of never-before-seen content, the extended version will be available through Labor Day, but only in theaters in the U.S. and Canada, including IMAX and large format screenings. The rollout begins today with 2,781 locations (233 IMAX and 200 large formats) and expands tomorrow–Friday, August 30th–to 3,162 locations (still the same 233 IMAX and 200 large formats though), as Forbes reports.

Extended holiday weekends are great for big tentpole releases, be they extended cuts or otherwise. The latest Sony Spidey feature had slipped down the rankings pretty significantly in the last 10 weeks, so this could come as a bit of a boost for folks who want to see the film again or check out the additional footage. There are no details as to just what those four minutes include at this moment.


Image via Sony Pictures Releasing

Spider-Man: Far From Home landed the biggest Tuesday debut of all time when it premiered ahead of the July 4th holiday. Since then, it’s netted $380.4 million on the domestic front, totaling almost $1.12 billion overall. That’s the best performance ever for a Sony movie, but it’s still 15th for superhero movies, 2nd for Spider-Man flicks, and 10th and 11th respectively for MCU films and those under the Marvel Comics banner. But that’s where things get sticky.

Columbia Pictures heads up distribution for Spider-Man: Far From Home, itself a subsidiary of Sony; Disney does not yet own either of those companies and that has led to some, shall we say, frustrations between the mega-corporations. Essentially, newly minted Spider-Man Tom Holland is caught in a messy divorce of sorts between the previously collaborative studios and he’ll be living with Sony for the foreseeable future. You can get caught up on all the drama with the following links, but keep in mind that this might be the last weekend you get to see Holland in an MCU-adjacent movie:

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