‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Director Jon Watts on Where Peter Parker Goes from Here

     July 7, 2019

spider-man-far-from-home-peter-parker-identitySpoilers ahead for Spider-Man: Far From Home

If you’ve seen the latest Sony adventure from the Marvel Universe, then you know that some big changes lie ahead for Tom Holland‘s Peter Parker and his costumed alter ego, Spider-Man. Holland’s take on the character has gone from super-suited sidekick to Tony Stark’s Iron Man during Civil War, to a defender of New York City’s various neighborhoods from villains like the Vulture, to a fully fledged Avenger protecting the Earth (and the universe) from aliens, and getting dusted in the process. Young Peter Parker has seen a lot in his few short years as Spider-Man, but Spider-Man: Far From Home changes things up in a big, big way.

During a recent chat with the film’s director Jon Watts, Collider’s own Steve Weintraub got to ask a few questions about the decision to reveal Spider-Man’s true identity to the wider world of the MCU. Mysterio may have been defeated at the end of the day, but he had one more trick to play on Peter Parker. Now, the teenager, highschooler, and part-time Avenger will have to deal with the repercussions of being outed as the costumed crimefighter. What, exactly, will that look like?


Image via Sony Pictures

Before Watts answered what might come next, he also talked about the parallel of Parker’s reveal of his secret identity to that of Tony Stark’s own public admission that he was, in fact, Iron Man, in the MCU’s first-ever film:

“Well, yeah, it’s a flip of that. He’s trying to step up and be his own hero. He’s trying to become Spider Man. But, because it’s Peter Parker, nothing ever goes right. So he doesn’t even get the opportunity to reveal himself to the world. Mysterio wins, essentially. And forces Peter to tell the ultimate truth to the world, which is so ironic coming from someone like Mysterio.”

Steve also brought up the themes of “fake news”, doctored video, and the ramifications of super-powerful Stark tech like EDITH as a way to question the confession that Mysterio’s henchman broadcast to the world:

“Yeah. There’s a lot of ways to interpret it and we kept it a little bit open ended, because it’s Mysterio, you know, you want to end with as many questions as you do answers. But, yeah, in terms of just not being sure if what you’re seeing on the news or online is real, it’s definitely a very dangerous world that we’re living in right now.”


Image via Sony Pictures

So what’s next for Peter Parker/Spider-Man?

“I mean, we definitely have ideas of where we want to go, but the goal is to just try to make this movie the most dynamic and entertaining experience possible. And if that means ending on a crazy cliffhanger and painting yourself into a corner, so be it.”

It sounds like the fate of Peter Parker will be up to whoever next handles the script for the character, likely in the next MCU installment but possibly in Sony’s own standalone Marvel universe. Whatever happens, his everyday life and his superhero life will never be the same.

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