‘Spider-Man: Far from Home’ Gets a Big Release in 270-Degree ScreenX Format

     July 3, 2019

For those wanting to experience Spider-Man: Far from Home in a very immersive way, the Sony Pictures sequel has been converted to the ScreenX format for its release this week. ScreenX is a three-projector system that projects 270-degree content in front of you and on side panel wings. While most films presented in ScreenX only have select scenes that appear in this 270-degree format, ScreenX worked with Sony to dedicate the most financial resources and post-production time to create more 270-degree scenes than ever before. That includes the enemy elemental battles, action sequences featuring Spider-Man swinging across all three screens, and panoramic views of the film’s European locations, including Venice and the Alps.

Check out a Spider-Man: Far from Home ScreenX trailer below to see what all the fuss is about, and check your local listings to find a theater playing the film in this format near you.

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