‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’: Tom Holland on Acting Opposite Jake Gyllenhaal

     May 8, 2019


Last August, a group of fellow journalists and I visited the London set of Spider-Man: Far From Home. In the upcoming film, Peter (Tom Holland) is looking forward to taking a European vacation, but his plans are disrupted when Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) recruits him to fight rampaging monsters.

During a break in filming, we got to sit down and talk with star Tom Holland. Since the last time we had seen Spider-Man, he was being dusted in Avengers: Infinity War, we asked about the challenges of promoting this movie when we were all in the dark about his character’s fate. He also talked about Peter Parker’s relationship with Mysterio, working opposite Jake Gyllenhaal, how the film differs from Homecoming, Peter’s relationship with Aunt May now that she knows he’s Spider-Man, and much more.

Check out the interview below. Spider-Man: Far From Home opens July 2nd.

spider-man-far-from-home-poster-londonThis film will be your fourth time as Spider-Man. How does it feel to have played Spider-Man more than anyone else when this film comes out?

TOM HOLLAND: It feels pretty good. It’s an amazing experience as an actor, and such a privileged experience as an actor to get to play a character that you love so much time and time again. I definitely have the mindset of if you want to make 20 of these movies then I’m down, because it’s really fun. So it’s been a real privilege and been so much fun, maybe even more fun this time round than the last one, and it’s been great.

How is it to go from doing the Avengers movies with that big and the big huge cast, to come back and do your own movie with your own supporting characters?

HOLLAND: That’s a good question. The Avengers movies feel so removed from what we were doing in Homecoming, and far from home especially. Because obviously, our films are about people who are so grounded in reality, people who are very real, and then when you get into the world of the Avengers that’s the complete opposite you know, we have characters from all over the galaxy mixing with each other and it’s a very different feel on set because you have people who are blue and green, Iron Man and stuff. It’s pretty crazy, but this is a bit more low-key and feels a bit … I always describe these movies like the biggest indie movies ever made. Because it does just feel like we’re making a high school movie that happens in Europe.

What’s Peter Parker’s head space like in this movie?

HOLLAND: Love. He’s very much love-driven in this film, and taking a break. This film is all about him trying to take a break but the responsibility of being Spider-Man always taking over, which is quite funny because the first film we were really keen to show Peter Parker enjoying his powers, and really wanting to be Spider-Man, now we have Peter Parker who still loves the aspects of Spider-Man but just needs a break, just needs a holiday like everyone does at times. And that’s not possible when you’re a superhero and you have responsibilities to save lives, so it’s an interesting balance of kind of watching a kid do his homework. That’s kind of how I’m describing it.

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