SPIDER-MAN Reboot On Set Pictures

     January 4, 2011

A few pictures from the set of Marc Webb’s Spider-Man reboot have hit the net as the production was recently filming at a local Los Angeles High School.  In the pictures you can see Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone sitting on the bleachers.  Hit the jump for more:

According to JustJared (who supplied the pictures), the two stars shared a kiss during the scene.

With the production continuing to film on location, you can expect plenty of images to hit the net.  It probably won’t be long until another major spoiler is revealed.  If you want to stay spoiler free, it’s going to be tough. You have to wonder if Sony will release an image of Garfield in costume soon so it doesn’t end up online before Sony wants to premiere it.  If I were Sony, I’d want to control who gets that first image and make sure it looks good.  But what do I know…

Here’s some of the photos that hit the net.  For all our previous Spider-Man reboot coverage, click here.

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