Bring This Legendary ‘Spider-Man’ Sideshow Collectibles Statue into Your Life

     July 19, 2018


Sideshow Collectibles is adding a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to its Legendary lineup. For those unfamiliar with Sideshow, the Legendary line are massive sculpts that aren’t quite 1:1 scale, but they’re not little toys you can put on your desk either. However, the level of detail remains exquisite, and this Legendary Spider-Man is no exception.

It’s Sideshow Collectibles’ first tailored, full-suit costume for a statue, and it took 2 ½ years to make this thing. It’s a traditional sculpt, but you could basically just tell people you live with Spider-Man and they’d be hard-pressed to argue.

Check out images of the Spider-Man statue below. There’s no word yet on pricing or availability, but if you can afford this sucker, you’ll probably want to get it.

spider-man-legendary-sideshow-collectibles-1 spider-man-legendary-sideshow-collectibles-2 spider-man-legendary-sideshow-collectibles-3

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