A New Spider-Man Spin-Off Movie Coming from Writer Roberto Orci

     March 10, 2020


After his take on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 resulted in a franchise-stopper for the Sony/Andrew Garfield Spider-Man universe, writer Roberto Orci is back in the spider-saddle. Per The Wrap, he’s being tapped to write a brand new Spider-Man spin-off movie set within the newly developing Sony Spider-verse.

While we don’t know which character Orci’s spin-off will center on, we know it will not take place in the Disney-owned MCU. Instead, it will involve the Sony-owned Spider-Man properties, which include titles like VenomMorbiusNightwatchSilk, and Silver and Black. Sony’s Executive Vice President of Production Palak Patel will oversee the new film, alongside the rest of Sony’s Spider-Man output. Currently, the studio is in production on Venom 2, and has Morbius coming out this summer.


Image via Sony Pictures

Beyond Amazing Spider-Man 2, Orci has written or co-written Mission: Impossible III, the rebooted Star Trek trilogy, and the first two Transformers films — often alongside writing partner Alex Kurtzman. Orci has also seen television successes with Hawaii Five-0, Scorpion, Sleepy Hollow, Fringe, and Alias. What character could Orci possibly be focusing on in this new spin-off? Judging by the darkness of the new live-action Sony-verse thus far, it’d be dope to see Orci return to his Fringe roots and give us something spooky and horror-tinged. Thus: My bet is on Nightwatch, a timeline-disrupting antihero whose darkness, troubled past/future, and predilection for existing within gray moralities sound perfect for Orci at his Fringiest.

Will I be right? We’ll keep you updated once we know more. For more on all things Sony/Spidey, here’s the latest set photos from Venom 2. Plus: The latest Morbius trailer.

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