‘Split’: M. Night Shyamalan Answers All Your Questions About that Buzzy Twist

     January 20, 2017


Spoiler Warning: This post is going to spoil the shit out of the Split twist (which is awesome), so turn back now unless you’ve seen the film or want to be denied a delightful moviegoing experience. 

M. Night Shyamalan knows a thing or two about twists. Sure, he hasn’t always hit the mark, but there’s a reason his name has become synonymous with cinematic surprises. The writer-director promised a return to form with his 2015 found-footage thriller The Visit, and with the release of Split, he’s officially sealed the deal. Shyamalan is back and he’s doing some of the most entertaining work of his career (You can read my full review here).

And boy did he stick the “twist” landing this time around. Folks have been buzzing about Split’s ending since it debuted at Fantastic Fest last September, where I can confirm from being in the audience that people completely lost their minds. I’m serious. There was screaming. It was a lot of fun. If you had a chance to catch Split and you’ve been waiting for some answers, good news. Shyamalan talked to EW about the ending and he was pretty candid about where the twist came from and what’s coming next.

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