Spoiler Warning: IRON MAN 2 Easter Egg Revealed?

     April 14, 2010

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When the first Iron Man was released, rumors hit the net that a special Easter Egg for fans was included in the movie.  It was reported Samuel L. Jackson was in the film as Nick Fury, but most assumed it was online chatter and wild fanboy speculation.

Obviously the rumors were real, and the secret scene proved to be one of the most popular in the movie, even leading to Samuel L. Jackson signing a huge deal with Marvel for a bunch more films as Nick Fury.

Cut to today. With Iron Man 2 getting ready to get released, a new rumor has hit the net for what Easter Egg might be included.  Since some of you might not want to know…I’ve posted it after the jump:

Iron Man 2 movie poster War Machine.jpgAccording to the folks at badtaste.it:

A 100% trusted source (NOT from the production/distribution, but very familiar with the movie) confirmed us today that there will be an easter egg in IM2. It’s an extra scene, just like the one in the first movie, after the end credits. We are able to tell you what’s about! It’s a scene about… Captain America and Thor! Maybe this doesn’t seem a big reveal, but it’s nice to have a confirmation.

If you can read italian, here you can read the news. It says exactly what I told you, and adds that in Italy the name “Avengers” will be translated “Progetto Vendicatori” in Iron Man 2 (yes, there will be some chatter about the avengers in the movie!)…

The truth is, a mention of The Avengers in Iron Man 2 is a foregone conclusion.  With a summer 2012 release date, you know Marvel wants to let everyone know the movie is coming and what better way than by promoting it in another Marvel film.

Also, regarding Thor, with that movie deep into production, it wouldn’t surprise me to have some sort of mention of the character or a throwaway sighting on a TV or a newspaper laying around.  Meaning: I would not be surprised to see Chris Hemsworth in Iron Man 2.

But, regarding Captain America, with Chris Evans just signing for the role a few weeks ago, it would surprise me to see Evans in Iron Man 2.

What I think is most likely is the scene after the credits will have characters talking about The Avengers, or perhaps have images that we can only see in the distance, so we can’t get a clear view.

But, Marvel knows what the fans want, and that’s to see other Marvel characters in Marvel movies.  Whatever the scene is…I think it’s going to be very cool.  More as we get it.


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