New ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Trailer Scatters the Crew

     May 20, 2016


Paramount Pictures has released a new trailer for Star Trek Beyond. Justin Lin directs the sequel from a script by Simon Pegg and Doug Jung, which finds the crew in the midst of their five-year mission when they run across a villainous alien played by Idris Elba, who lays waste to the U.S.S. Enterprise’s plans.

The trailer premiered during a fan event in Los Angeles tonight, where it was announced that Star Trek Beyond will have its world premiere at San Diego Comic-Con on July 20th during the world’s very first outdoor IMAX screening, with a live orchestra. So yeah, that’s pretty neat.

This trailer is much more character-centric than the film’s first trailer, and that feels like a reaction to the reaction to that debut Star Trek Beyond trailer, which led many to believe that Lin’s take on Trek meant motorcycle jumps and explosions. With this new trailer, it’s made clear the story focus is on Kirk still being haunted by the ghost of his father and trying to figure out what kind of Captain he is. This internal crisis is exacerbated when the crew is forced to abandon the Enterprise and is scattered about, and it looks as though the main story crux will be about the crew members attempting to find each other again.

All in all it’s an improvement over the first trailer (which I didn’t hate), and if Lin has proved anything with his long tenure on the Fast & Furious films, it’s that he can easily meld “family”-esque ensembles with jaw-dropping set pieces. That actually doesn’t seem like a terrible fit for Trek, so I’m curious to find out what his full vision for this franchise looks like.

Though the movie has been extremely secretive, we did learn a few things recently from the cast. Chris Pine teased that the U.S.S. Enterprise gets destroyed, and the crew is forced to survive on a hostile planet, and John Cho mentioned that

Before this catastrophic event, the crew is two years into their five-year mission and starting to feel a little homesick. “We’re all getting into our ruts and I think we’ve been around each other too long,” says Cho. He also revealed that Sulu has a daughter, and that there’s another revelation regarding the baby that he can’t divulge.

Star Trek Beyond also stars Zoe Saldana, Sofia BoutellaZachary Quinto, Karl Urban, and Anton Yelchin, and opens in theaters on July 22nd. Click here for 75 images from the fan event.



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Image via Paramount Pictures

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