Watch: Simon Pegg Shares “Star Trek Bed, Bath & Beyond” Spoof Video

     July 17, 2016


Star Trek Beyond hasn’t even premiered yet, but that apparently doesn’t mean it’s too early for a parody video. Today, Simon Pegg (who stars as Scotty, but also co-wrote the new movie) has tweeted out a link to a spoof called “Star Trek: Bed, Bath & Beyond,” which features Jaylah’s (played by Sofia Boutella in the movie) home life.

The pun that holds this together is one of those things you might think to yourself when driving along and seeing a sign for Bed, Bath & Beyond, but kudos to YouTuber Dennis Hurley for actually going all the way with it and creating a fun short video out of it.

Pegg said:

Check the video out below:

In the spoof, Jaylah (Alyssa Sabo) argues with her dad (Hurley) about needing to go and save the universe. “Oh, on Father’s Day? That’s real nice,” he says. Sabo nails the petulant whine of a teenager, and I’m pretty sure that was the exact conversation most people have with their parents before going to college (“You’re going to need towels!”)

Let us know what you think of the video in the comments. Star Trek Beyond hits theaters on July 27th.



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