‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Premiere Date Announced

     June 19, 2017


Ladies and gentlemen, we finally know when we’ll be able to see Star Trek: Discovery. CBS has announced that the highly anticipated new Star Trek series will debut on Sunday, September 24th on CBS from 8:30pm ET to 9:30pm. The series premiere and the second episode will be available to stream the same night on CBS All Access immediately following the on-air premiere, and after this network TV debut, the rest of the episodes will be available exclusively on CBS All Access.

Moreover, even though Star Trek: Discovery is airing on a streaming service, CBS will not be making the entire season available at once. The 15-episode first season will be presented in two chapters: The first eight episodes will run once a week starting September 24th through November 5th. Then the second chapter of the series will resume in January 2018.


This is basically just the traditional network schedule on a streaming service, as most shows take a holiday hiatus over November/December and then return sometime in January/February. This practice has been ongoing for years, but recently networks have started using it as a marketing ploy, presenting the seasons in “chapters” or “parts”. So AMC gets to market Season 7 of The Walking Dead twice—once for its fall debut, and once again for its “second half” of the season, even though the winter hiatus is a normal part of TV scheduling.

Star Trek: Discovery was initially supposed to debut this past January as the first original series available exclusively on CBS All Access, but development took longer than expected when co-creator/showrunner Bryan Fuller was forced out. The premiere date was then pushed to May 2017, then finally an unspecified date sometime in the fall.

It’s kind of funny that a show from CBS, designed exclusively for streaming, will be debuting the same week as most traditional network TV series after all. Check out the official synopsis for Star Trek: Discovery below, and click here for what executive producer Alex Kurtzman recently told us about the show’s LGBT representation.

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