Roberto Orci Has Met with CBS to Discuss a New Televised STAR TREK Series

     October 11, 2013


Earlier this year, I watched Star Trek: Deep Space Nine for the first time, and it got me thinking how it would be great if there were a new Star Trek series on TV.  Then I remembered the franchise was in the hands of J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci, and Alex Kurtzman, and I got sad because, to put it as mildly as possible, I am not a fan of what they’ve done with the franchise.  But it’s a valuable property, it originated on TV, and Paramount has a channel they could stick it on (CBS).  I’m slightly surprised nothing started brewing after the 2009 movie was a hit, but now something Trek-related might be boldly going to the small screen.

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Orci was recently at the UK junket for Ender’s Game (he’s one of the film’s producers), and told Sky News’ Joe Michaelczuk that there has been a meeting to bring Star Trek back to television:


Like Bleeding Cool, I’m not sure who “they” is. He and writing/producing partner Kurtzman? Abrams’ production company Bad Robot?

Abrams has always downplayed or dismissed the possibility of having the alternate Star Trek universe expand to television, but he’s not really the active steward at this point since he’s busy with Star Wars.  Also, the call is ultimately up to Paramount.

Assuming Orci is telling the truth and CBS could be interested in a new Trek series, it would presumably take place within the new continuity.  From there, I imagine it would be completely separate from the movies—no Enterprise, maybe a cameo from one of the film cast members, but pretty much a new storyline with new characters.  Or maybe they’ll just rip off one of the previous Star Trek series and call it an homage.