Wear This: STAR TREK “Original Space Drunk” and STAR WARS “Tatooine Suns”

     February 9, 2011


There are some charming geek-friendly shirts that are on sale today and today only.  First up, for the Star Trek nerds we have “Original Space Drunk” which has Captain Kirk showing he has a little Captain Morgan in him by standing proudly over the body of a redshirt.  The shirt bears the fun inscription, “Boldly Going Anywhere, Banging Anything, and Getting Red Shirts Killed In The Process.”

For the Star Wars geeks, there’s “Tatooine Suns” which will show off your love of not only desert planets, but also basketball.  Hit the jump to check out both shirts and links for where to buy them.

“Original Space Drunk” costs $10 (plus shipping) and is available at RIPT Apparel.


“Tatooine Suns” costs $9 (plus shipping) is available at Teefury.



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