STAR TREK: THE EXPERIENCE Warehouse Sale – Love STAR TREK? Read This

     April 9, 2010

Star Trek the experience warehouse sale propworx slice.jpg

If you’re a Trekkie and live in or around Las Vegas, you’re going to want to be at 66 Spectrum Blvd. tomorrow at 10am.  That’s because Propworx is selling a ton of items from Star Trek: The Experience in what’s being billed as a warehouse sale.  The only negative for people that don’t live in Las Vegas is…the items need to be removed from the location at 3pm.  I think that’ll be hard if you live in Chicago.  Saying that, they’ve got:

  • Borg alcoves
  • Pieces from Enterprise D replica bridges, transporter room, hallways
  • Rows of seats from Klingon Encounter ride
  • Starfleet costumes
  • Quark’s Bar furniture (tables, chairs, stools); a table and four chairs from Quark’s Bar is only $195!
  • Wall panels (bar, rides, history of tomorrow, etc)

Hit the jump for a ton of images. I wish I had the space as I’m a huge Next Generation fan and would love to own part of the bridge set.

For more info, check out these propworx links – original story and the update.

If you can’t attend the auction, the good news is the email I was sent says they are having another auction in August and they’ll have more Star Trek including a complete TNG bridge set!

Here’s some more info in case you’re thinking about going:

April 10th – Star Trek: The Experience Warehouse Sale

When: Saturday April 10th, 10 am – 3 pm

Where: 66 Spectrum Blvd. Las Vegas, NV

Terms: Cash or check NO CREDIT CARDS. Items are “as is” must be removed by 3 pm.

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