‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Is the “The Best Star Wars”, Says Drew Struzan

     August 19, 2015

star-wars-7-force-awakens-struzan-sliceDrew Struzan, the legendary poster artist behind the iconic artwork for Star Wars and Indiana Jones has come out swinging with some words of encouragement for J.J. AbramsStar Wars: The Force Awakens. Struzan unveiled his one sheet for the new Star Wars film last week at D23 to enthusiastic fan response, and now he’s bringing out some enthusiasm of his own, calling The Force Awakens “the best Star Wars you’ve ever seen.” Whoa, strong words, Struzan. Strong words, indeed.

In an interview with Movie Weekly, Struzan explained the process of coming on board for the sequel, saying that Abrams basically fanboyed on him, convincing him to come on board. It sounds like Struzan was definitely won over in the process, because here’s his full quote.


Image via Lucasfilm

It’s a doozy.

I’ve never worked with J.J before and so we started working on it and he showed me like half the movie and it was just… a wonderful film and I know it’s going to be grand. I got to read the script and subsequently I’ve seen half of it and I can tell you and the fans this, Honest to god, it is far and away probably going to be THE BEST Star Wars you’ve ever seen.

Based on everything we’ve seen so far, I have very little doubt that The Force Awakens is going to be an excellent movie, but I find it hard to believe that this will be “far and away” superior to some of the most influential and beloved science fiction films of all time. However, if Struzan’s this excited after only seeing half the film, that definitely kicks my excitement up a notch in turn.


Image via Lucasfilm

Struzan also spoke about his process of creating the art and how the images extend from his feeling of the film. Surprisingly, he said there was no conversation with Abrams or the studio about revealing Finn with a lightsaber (an image that has stirred up a lot of passionate inquiry — mainly, is he force sensitive?!). Struzan described his process,

Having seen the film I know what it is about. I got familiar with the characters, so I know what they’re portraying in their feelings. So I paint the situation and I paint the feelings. Not to tell the story, but to tell you how you’re going to feel when you see the film. 

He also described how he perceives the character of the film, saying that his art represents the characters quest to find their purpose in life.

To me it represents the film. The spirit of the film, the new characters, the battle again to find the truth, to grow up, to find the purpose in life. It’s all those things that Star Wars had to be and is still. And I hope to represent that again to a new generation.

What do you think? Does The Force Awakens look like it could be the best Star Wars ever? Is it crazy to judge a film without seeing the whole thing? Sound off in the comments below.


Image via Disney/Lucasfilm

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