Carrie Fisher Says She’s Going to Be in STAR WARS: EPISODE VII [Updated]

     November 16, 2012


Even though a script is still in development, Carrie Fisher sounds fairly certain that she’ll be a part of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. According to, Fisher was asked at book signing in Cherry Hill, New Jersey last night if she was going to be in Episode VII, and she replied “Yes….I thought it was already common knowledge.”  Last month, Mark Hamill said he and Fisher had lunch with George Lucas in August, and the Star Wars creator revealed the sequel trilogy was on the way.  Perhaps their involvement in the sequels was discussed, although it’s obviously unknown to what extent.  Harrison Ford has also commented that he’s open to returning.  I’m sure screenwriter Michael Arndt has some idea where he wants to go, and that direction probably involves Luke, Han, and Leia.  Whether they’ll be cameos or full-fledged roles remains to be seen, although I would bet on the side of cameos since a sequel trilogy would probably be about handing the series off to younger actors.

Hit the jump for more on what Fisher had to say when it comes to playing “Mrs. Solo”. [Update: A representative for Fisher tells E! Online the actress/writer/author was just kidding and that her comments were made “tongue-in-cheek”.  In a related story, never follow a hippie to a second location.]

In an interview on The Talk [via DigitalSpy], Fisher took a more joking attitude towards returning to the franchise where she didn’t flat-out say she was returning.  But she did have a fun idea of where she’d like to see Leia go in a sequel:

“I like to think of it as ‘old Leia’, like, sway-backed old Leia the horse. I like the idea of being Mrs Solo, and we’ve just fought and fought and I killed him, but I’m sorry. I’m sorry – that’s right, I feel badly and I probably had an affair with some general.”

In her defense, Han probably shot first.


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