Watch Jon Hamm & Emma Stone Audition for ‘Star Wars’ in SNL’s Uncovered Screen Tests

     November 22, 2015


When Lucasfilm and Disney announced the start of a new Star Wars trilogy back in 2012, you can bet every actor under the sun was clamoring to snag a role in the long-awaited return to a galaxy far, far away. Now, thanks to Saturday Night Live, you can get an idea of what some of those star-powered The Force Awakens auditions might have looked like.

With less than a month left until The Force Awakens arrives in theaters, SNL dug up the “never before seen” celebrity screen tests for the film, giving the show’s cast a chance to break out their cache of celeb impressions, lampooning everyone from Sophia Vergara to Dame Maggie Smith to David Beckham (poor BB-8), and of course, George Lucas. A few of the stars themselves got in on the action, including Emma Stone and Jon Hamm (oddly enough host Matthew McConaughey sat out the proceedings, likely a schedule conflict since the gag was shot ahead of time). Adding to the fun, J.J. Abrams intros the sketch and actual The Force Awakens cast members John Boyega and Daisy Ridley turn up for some chemistry reads. Watch for yourself in the video below.

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