‘Star Wars Battlefront II’: New Trailer Has You Fighting for the Empire After ‘Return of the Jedi’

     October 19, 2017


EA has released a new Star Wars Battlefront II trailer. The upcoming video game will continue the same kind of large-scale battles that made the original so popular, but this time they’re improving the single-player campaign in that the sequel will actually have one. While 2015’s Battlefront did have a few single-player objectives that could keep you busy when none of your friends were online, it was a game built primarily around multiplayer action and any single-player events were more like training missions.

However, with Battlefront II EA and DICE have put in a full-fledged single-player campaign with an intriguing story. In the single-player campaign, you’ll play Commander Iden Versio (Janina Gavankar), an Imperial soldier leading troops following the destruction of the second Death Star and the death of the Emperor. That’s a really neat perspective, since on the one hand, you’re playing as a bad guy, but you’re also kind of a rebel since technically the Empire has been defeated. It’s the kind of story that would be really cool if it had certain moral implications a la Knights of the Old Republic, but it should be interesting to see it play out in Battlefront II.

Check out the Star Wars Battlefront II trailer below. The game hits PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 17th. The new game, in addition to including beloved characters from the original trilogy, will also include new fan favorites like Kylo Ren. The game will also make some tweaks in responses to criticisms of the first game like who got to pilot famous ships or play as famous characters.

Here’s the official synopsis for Star Wars Battlefront II:

Ignite the inferno and burn the Rebellion to the ground in Star Wars Battlefront 2’s single-player campaign. Take on the role of Commander Iden Versio in a story following the destruction of the Death Star II and the death of the Emperor.

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