STAR WARS News: Carrie Fisher Reveals Production Start Date with Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill; Rumors Have PIXAR Getting into the STAR WARS Game

     January 22, 2014


Here’s a round-up of the latest Star Wars news:

  • Though it’s not official (as in, no word from the studio via press release), Carrie Fisher recently remarked on her expected start date on the production of J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII, alongside co-stars Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill.
  • The most recent rumor outside of Star Wars: Episode VII is that Pixar will now get into the Star Wars game with a collaborative future film.
  • It’s not news, per se, but we have some forced perspective images using Star Wars vehicles that are pretty darn cool.

Hit the jump for more on each story.

star-wars-mark-hamill-carrie-fisherFirst up from TV Guide is news of Star Wars: Episode VII’s planned start date, when we should find the original trio of Fisher, Ford and Hamill on set.  While talking up her TV appearances, the write-up says that Fisher expects to reunite with Ford and Hamill on set in March or April.  As for how she sees her character this time around:

“I’d like to wear my old [cinnamon buns] hairstyle again — but with white hair. I think that would be funny.”

While we wait for official confirmation from the studio itself, a new rumor ties together Star Wars and Pixar in a collaborative movie-making effort under their shared Disney ownership.  Latino Review posits that the animation studio has been given the reins for a Star Wars movie.  Time will tell if this is solid intel, wishful thinking, or just a probability exercise considering Disney’s plan to cross brands and increase awareness.

This next bit is neither rumor, nor faint wisps of news, but rather a visual treat.  Finnish photographer Vesa Lehtimäki shared some gorgeous images using Star Wars vehicle models in forced-perspective shots.  A couple of samples follow below, but head over to Yahoo! for more:




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