Harrison Ford Reportedly Has “Gigantic Role” in STAR WARS: EPISODE VII; Oscar Isaac Rumored for Role

     April 28, 2014

star wars episode 7 harrison ford

We know Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford will return for Star Wars: Episode VII.  Perhaps you, like me, assumed the original trio would make extended cameos that launched the new cast on a fresh trilogy’s worth of adventures.  But director J.J. Abrams is as big a fan of the original Star Wars trilogy as the rest of you.  Deadline hears he and Disney planned a “gigantic role” for Ford in the first film of the trilogy.  We know nothing about the Episode VII story other than all the expanded universe tales it won’t tap.  So I’ll leave the speculation about how Ford will feature heavily—I just ask that you make Ford a crochety mentor type.

Hit the jump for more casting rumors surrounding Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver, and John Boyega.

star-wars-7-chewbacca-harrison-fordDisney chairman Alan Horn promises casting is nearly complete.  And a table read tomorrow in London should help put an end to the casting rumor mill.  But we’re not done yet.

Deadline confirms that Adam Driver is likely on board, suggests John Boyega emerged from this shortlist, and revisits the Maisie Richardson-Sellers rumor.  The report also adds Oscar Isaac to the mix, indicating the actor is “in line for a major role.”  Isaac is awesome, but alas, may not be able to join.

Heat Vision’s Borys Kit commented on the report on Twitter:

Good news for Boyega fans.  Bad news for Isaac fans who live far away from the theater gig.

oscar isaac star wars episode 7

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