Rumor: Rachel Hurd-Wood and Alex Pettyfer Have Read for Roles in STAR WARS: EPISODE VII

     August 28, 2013


For the love of the Force, just cast this movie already.  Our long, slow descent into Star Wars: Episode VII casting speculation has begun with the report that Rachel Hurd-Wood (Solomon Kane) has read for the role of Leia and Han’s daughter while Alex Pettyfer (I Am Number Four) has gone in for a meeting for an unknown role that could be “Skywalker’s son now that [Ryan] Gosling has declined,” according to Latino Review.

Hit the jump for more.  Star Wars: Episode VII is due out in 2015.

rachel-hurd-wood-1Latino Review stresses that other young actresses are also going in to read for the part of Leia and Han’s daughter, so Hurd-Wood doesn’t have the role yet.  Obviously, if they’re still bringing in actresses, no one has the role yet, but LR’s source says Hurd-Wood is the only actress who has read for the part so far.  How many other actresses will read for the role?  Who knows.  That’s how casting for a major motion picture tends to work.  If you’re going to commit to an actor who could possibly be in all three sequels, you’re going to be thorough.

Since I guess I’ll play along with the rumor mill Latino Review is basically running at this point, I would hate for Alex Pettyfer to get cast in this movie simply because I’ve had enough of Alex Pettyfer.  It’s like someone went out and said, “I want Orlando Bloom but really unlikable.”  Perhaps the thinking isn’t “Who could play Luke Skywalker’s son?” but “Who would play Anakin Skywalker’s grandson?”  And the answer is the actor who played a plantation owner that rapes a woman and kills a guy in the first five minutes of Lee Daniels’ The Butler.

Latino Review goes on to say that official announcements will start to come out around October, but there’s possibly some major casting news that could be released as soon as today, and it’s unrelated to Hurd-Wood/Pettyfer rumors.  Hat tip to LR if that turns out to be true.


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