‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’: Mark Hamill Talks Secrecy Issues, Teases New Catchphrases

     July 15, 2016


Happy Star Wars Celebration Weekend! As they would say in Mortal Kombat, it has begun, and this morning has already seen a few small bits of news that are beginning to leak out of the London-based bonanza. In fact, none other than Luke Skywalker himself Mark Hamill seemed to take on the role of opening act as he took this morning to give some brief comments about where he’s at, as far as Star Wars: Episode VIII is concerned, as well as what he thinks of Rian Johnson‘s work on the film, new catchphrases, and the secrecy surrounding the franchise.


Image via Disney/Lucasfilm

Hamill commented that he’s currently looping, which means he’s re-recording dialogue for scenes where the audio isn’t quite clear enough, which means that the filmmaking process seems to be right on schedule. He also confirmed that Luke will be speaking and that Johnson has cooked up a whole new myriad of catchphrases for the film to replace the likes of “May the force be with you,”and so on. You can check out Hamill’s direct quotes right below, as well as his pretty convincing defense of the levels of secrecy that Disney and the entire production team have required over the months.

Here’s what Hamill had to say about finishing up his part on Episode VIII and Johnson:

“I was looping Episode 8 yesterday and there’s dialogue in there and I thought, ‘Oh boy. I can already see this on a t-shirt.’ Seriously! Rian Johnson is amazing!”


“You can forget all about ‘May the force be with you.’ He’s come up with so many new catchphrases.”

And here’s what he had to say about the secrecy around the films:

“Your question about secrecy, they’re not doing it to annoy you. It’s just that they want the surprise to be in the movie theaters, not on the internet. You don’t want to know what you’re getting for your birthday! I’m in the elderly recluse phase of my career. I have to write cartoons in the margins to make me remember these lines. You can’t do that on a pad! I need old school! I need a script that you can write on and you get home and look and  read. So they let me have one scene and I keep it on my person, you know, because you get really paranoid. You think, ‘Oh, I left the pad on. I wonder if the maid knows the code.’ It’s this long. It’s crazy. With numbers and letters and capitals and small. Really bad. There was a short way to do it but if you had your pad on for longer than 3 days then it would go back to the long one. It drives me crazy. It really does. But it’s for your viewing pleasure that we do this.”


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Image via Disney / Lucasfilm


Image via Disney/Lucasfilm

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