Exclusive: ‘Star Wars: Force Collector’ Excerpt Teases Kevin Shinick’s New YA Novel

     November 18, 2019

Emmy-winner and multi-hyphenate Kevin Shinick is bringing a brand new, original story to the official Star Wars canon with his new YA novel, Star Wars: Force Collector. The story arrives tomorrow, but it’s already a #1 bestseller as a pre-order, so if it’s not on your radar just yet, it definitely should be now. It’s our pleasure to bring you an exclusive early look at the new story before its official release!

Star Wars: Force Collector is part of the official “Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” initiative. Set just before Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the story centers on a restless teenager who sets out to discover what connection his mysterious Force powers have to the fabled Jedi and what the Force has in store for him. And as you can see in our exclusive preview, that journey will be perilous at times but will also cross paths with other famous faces from the Star Wars saga. We’ll have even more from Shinick and Force Collector tomorrow, so stay tuned!

kevin-shinick-star-wars-force-collectorBefore we get to the excerpt, here’s a look at Shinick’s upcoming appearances:

November 19, 7pm – Barnes and Noble in the Glendale Americana with special guest Ahmed Best (who portrayed Jar Jar Binks in the Star Wars films)

December 15, 2pm – Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore in San Diego

December 19, 7pm – Barnes and Noble in the Country Glen Center in Carle Place NY

December 20, FORCE COLLECTOR DAY in Merrick, NY

  • Noon-2pm – Signing at his alma mater, Calhoun High School,1786 State St, Merrick, NY
  • 3pm – Signing at the N. Merrick Public library,1691 Meadowbrook Rd, North Merrick, NY
  • 5:30-9:30pm – Signing at his former employer, the Merrick Cinemas,15 Fisher Ave, Merrick, NY

Check out our exclusive excerpt below:


Image via Disney Lucasfilm Press

A man who was one part bartender, one part waiter appeared at his left with a pitcher of the soda—offering to top off Karr’s glass.

Karr raised his head, accepted the drink, and said thanks. It wasn’t tasting any better, but it was wet and he was thirsty. He’d been thirsty for ages, now that he thought about it.

The man with the pitcher paused. “Did I hear you say you were looking for Jedi?”

Karr refused to get excited. He was too tired, so he simply muttered, “Yeah.”

“You’re in for disappointment, my friend, because they’re all gone. Been that way for a long time. Since the Clone Wars from what I’ve heard.”

“Thanks,” Karr said, with more than a hint of sarcasm.

“Of course, if you wanna hear a crazy story, you should talk to Nabrun Leids. He’s one of our regulars who claims he saw one about thirty years ago.”

“Thirty years ago?” Karr suddenly got excited. “That’s long after the Clone Wars.” He leapt from his chair to get closer to the bartender.

The bartender tried to keep Karr’s expectations in check. “Don’t get too excited, kid. As I said, he’s a regular here. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a regular in every cantina this side of the galaxy, if you know what I mean. Which is why I call it a crazy story. There are two things you’ll never find in these types of establishments: a low tab and an honest tale.”

Karr spun around and scanned all the faces in the room. “Which one is he?” he asked, ignoring the bartender’s warning.

The man sighed as he pointed across the room. “He’s the Morseerian sitting over there.”

Karr stared blankly. He liked seeming like an experienced traveler, but the truth was, he wouldn’t know a Morseerian if he fell on one.

The bartender extended his finger farther. “The tall four-armed green guy wearing a gas mask.”

As Karr approached the pilot, he wondered if he was scaring the Morseerian but then realized his species just had really big eyes. “Is it true you saw a Jedi once?” he asked pointedly.

The smuggler leaned back and siphoned a swig of his drink through a special tube that went into his mask. “As true as the hopeful expression on your face.” It was clear he was about to launch into a story he had told a hundred, maybe a thousand times before, but Karr couldn’t even wait for it. “Where? When?”

“In a place not unlike this one, in fact. I was having a drink when this kid, not much older than yourself actually, comes sauntering into the place. Truth be told, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed him except for the fact that he had droids with him that had the owner yelling. Anyway, I’m minding my own business when this same kid gets into an argument with an Aqualish smuggler I know named Ponda Baba. Next thing I know, out of nowhere, an old man in a flowing robe ignites a lightsaber. Now, I had heard rumors about Jedi before, and I always figured they were a myth, but suddenly, there in front of me, illuminating the place with his sword, this magical knight swings his weapon and cuts the arm of that smuggler right off. I’m telling you, it might have taken a second, it might’ve taken a day. All I know is that time stood still. And then, just as quickly as it began, it was over. Everyone went back to what they were doing, and the old man went off with the kid to talk to a Wookiee. I know because I couldn’t take my eyes off them. A real Jedi. And I’ll tell you what else I remember. Though he didn’t use it . . . the kid had a lightsaber, too.”

Karr’s face was warm. Not from the heat of a vision but from the excitement of knowing he was closer to the Jedi than he thought. “And you say this was thirty years ago?”

Nabrun Leids took another sip through his mask. “Let’s see, I’ve been smuggling for about forty years, give or take, so yeah, somewhere in there.”

Karr almost couldn’t believe it. This was the second bit of proof he had that the Jedi existed after the Clone Wars. And if that was possible, anything was possible. “Where was it?” he asked.

“Well, that’s not so easy to say. See I’ve been all over this galaxy, and after a while one cantina starts to look the same as the next.”

“Come on!” cried Karr. “You’ve got to remember something!”

Then Karr himself remembered. “Let me touch your mask!” Karr excitedly ripped off his right glove and unconsciously threw it to the floor. But since they were in a bar and that gesture usually meant a fight, the Morseerian went for his blaster. Lucky for Karr, the amount of liquid in the pilot’s system sloshed to the left and Nabrun Leids went with it, crashing to the floor.

“No, no. I wasn’t going to hurt you,” Karr insisted. But the damage had been done. “I think you should leave!” the bartender yelled from across the room.

“N-no,” stammered Karr. “I didn’t mean anything by it, I just—Were you wearing that mask when you saw the Jedi?”

Nabrun Leids crawled back into his chair. “No. That one’s long gone.”

Now Karr was getting hot from frustration. “Can’t you remember anything about the planet?”

“Son, I’m asking you to leave!” yelled the bartender. But Karr kept his attention on the Morseerian.

“Not one single thing?”

“I—I don’t know. There might have been . . .”

“Might’ve been what?” Karr demanded.

But the bartender had had enough. “Take your change and go,” he insisted as he threw the credits across the room.

Instinctively, Karr reached up to grab the change. “Oh, no,” he mumbled as the pain rushed to his head. If there was one thing that had traveled from one side of the galaxy to the other and had witnessed all the important events life had to offer, it was currency. Wars, births, murders, negotiations, graduations, scientific breakthroughs, coronations—it all created a storm of cluttered and confusing images that left Karr powerless to exercise what little control he had learned, and he felt himself blacking out.

But not before he heard the Morseerian say, “There might’ve been two suns.”


Star Wars: Force Collector arrives tomorrow, November 19th.


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