Lawrence Kasdan Says the Han Solo Movie Begins Shooting in January

     May 31, 2016

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve heard anything concrete about the future happenings of the Star Wars franchise, and though that might be for the better in the long run, fans and obsessives of the franchise alike have been waiting on (any) word about the behind-the-scenes doings following the beginning of the Rogue One rollout. So, Lawrence Kasdan, one of the most important figures in the making of the franchise, obliged recently, during the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, by talking a little bit about what he knows about the plans to begin shooting the Han Solo movie, which is being overseen by Chris Miller and Phil Lord. This is what he had to say, via Star Wars News Net:

“You know, Chris Miller and Phil Lord are going to direct it…They’re great, funny and imaginative and we’ve had a great time together. My son [Jon] and I wrote the script and Chris and Phil are working on it and they’re about to move to London to start shooting in January. And it should be fun.”


Image via Lucasfilm

The fact that we have a seemingly solid start date for one of the most anticipated movies on the docket currently is big enough news, but Kasdan also went on to briefly speak about his involvement in the next two episodes of the Star Wars franchise, being directed by the likes of Rian Johnson and Colin Trevorrow. Here’s what he had to say about that:

“I have a little information…[Star Wars Episode 8 Director] Rian [Johnson] is a friend of mine. I’m getting to know Colin Trevorrow, who is going to direct Episode 9, so I feel very involved with it.”

This is not entirely surprising news, all things considered, as Kasdan’s involvement in The Force Awakens was a sizable part of the success, both critically and fiscally, of that film. Still, these bits of information give us a vague sense of the schedule that will be going down for the Han Solo movie, and whether or not the new Star Wars films will be similar in tone with The Force Awakens. Good news all around, from my perspective.


Image via Lucasfilm


Image via Lucasfilm

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