‘Star Wars’: Hasbro Introduces Sabine and Darth Revan Figures at Toy Fair

     February 14, 2016


Toy Fair 2016 continues with Hasbro’s annual Entertainment Brand Preview Event. The presentation puts the spotlight on some of the company’s major product lines including Transformers and Marvel, but we’re kicking off our Hasbro coverage with what they showed off for Star Wars. Sadly the Hasbro team wasn’t quite ready to unveil their Rogue One products, but they did have some stunning new The Force Awakens and Rebels figures on display in the showroom.

Check out some photos of the Star Wars products Hasbro brought to Toy Fair including the new Sabine figures, the New Hope Princess Leia figure and the result of the Fan’s Choice poll conducted last year, the Black Series 6-inch Darth Revan figure.

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